Are you a business owner or a HR manager of a big corporation and need one the following solutions?

  • Reduce Business Taxes to Increase Your Cash Flow
  • Move incorporation profits into your personal without breaking bank account
  • Retain your most important (key) employee
  • Profit sharing with your employees without giving shares
  • Motivate your team with royalty group plans
  • Creditor or Asset Protection
  • Transfer your business to the next generation (Estate Planning)
  • Fund a buy and sell agreement with life insurance

We implement these Tax Saving and Financial Strategies so you can increase your cash flow and making more money.

What Makes Save Corporation Tax Different from other Financial Institutions? We are fully licensed Insurance Brokerage which allows us to “shop around the market and find the best products with best value” for you.

We work together with different reputable financial and insurance companies. We have even have access to certain financial products that are not available to the public.

We recognize that every business owner, regardless of company size, has unique financial and insurance needs for both their business and personal matters.

Before we implement a well-designed insurance plan we will fully understand your business and individual insurance requirements.

We work together with Accountants, Tax Layers and Business Advisors.

Save Corporation Tax Will Identify Your Financial Needs and Group Insurance Plans So You Can Focus On Running Your Business

Your business environment changes every year, so are the financial and the insurance products in the market. So ask yourself these questions:

Is your company group benefit plan (RSSP, Health) still at the most competitive market price? Is your company under or over-insured products due to business changes? Are there better-suited product options to meet your objectives?

Let Save Corporation Help You Save More Money, so you can focus on running the core business.

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